Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions for campers and volunteers.

What is the camp's weekend schedule like?

We are a volunteer-based camp that focuses on what the campers can do and not their limitations. Due to being a camp that services teens and adults with disabilities, we are limited in the number of camper positions that are available. These spots are filled on a first come, first received basis. Camp fills up fast, so, it is best to get your application in as soon as possible.

How old do you need to be to be a camper?

12 years old.

Is there a top age limit?

No Cap on age.

What part of the staff is paid?

Handicapable camp is a 100% volunteer operation. We need everyone who loves disabled young people and adults and would like to give them a very fun and special weekend to enjoy.

How old do you need to be to volunteer?

16 to be a counselor. You may volunteer on Saturday at 14 to 16, under 14 must be accompanied by an adult on Saturday.

Do I need to stay the whole weekend if I volunteer?

No. There are many ways to help that do not require you to be there all weekend: Helping with activities during Saturday, helping with the dance Friday night, organizing the distribution of the T-Shirts, help with registration Friday afternoon and/or check-out on Sunday at noon and many other ways to help. Contact us at our email: to see how you can help.

What do volunteers do?

Many things from one-on-one with campers as a counselor or cabin leader to safety patrol/transportation/ food coordination/publicity/activities/ t-shirt distribution/entertainment and much more. Just contact us to find out where you would enjoy helping the most. No college education required. Just a caring heart and a willingness to help someone else.

What do volunteers working with the campers do?

Volunteers at times are asked to step beyond their comfort zones in helping campers but will not be asked to do anything they believe is beyond their ability to deal with at any particular time.
Some of the ways we assist our campers are:

  • Assigned to work with a small group of campers (usually 1-3) throughout the weekend. This gives the campers security and an opportunity to build a good relationship with their volunteer.
  • Campers are assigned to you based on your comfort level to help them.
  • Help campers dress
  • Some help with personal hygiene: showers, brushing teeth, toileting (as needed)
  • Help campers eat: assist in serving, getting needed items not on the table, help cutting food, assist with spills, etc.
  • Help campers participate in activities as needed.
  • Supervise campers so they stay with their cabin group.
  • Take campers to the restrooms when needed.
  • Be sure campers get the water that is available and that they need to drink during the days activities so they do not get dehydrated.
  • Be a general help and guide.

Cabin leaders are always available to help volunteers with any concerns or uncomfortable situations that may arise.

Is there an emergency number to call in order to contact campers/volunteers in case of an emergency at home during the camp weekend?

An emergency number/numbers will be included in the camper confirmation packet you receive after your registration has been accepted. This number may change from year to year.

What if a camper or volunteer gets sick at camp?

The Doctor/medical staff will assess the situation to see if the person is able to stay at camp or needs to go home. We must have a 24 hour phone contact for you in case a camper needs to be picked up.

What if you have special dietary needs?

All dietary needs will be assessed by our medical staff to determine our ability to meet those needs. We do provide sugar free for diabetics.

Is there a waiting list for campers who could not attend this year so they might be able to attend next year?

We do not have a waiting list at this time, so it is important to get your application in as soon as possible as there are currently 100 camper spaces available for the weekend.

Applications are accepted and assessed in the order that they are received. If an application is not complete when it is received, it must be resubmitted and return to the back of the complete applications already received.